Help Choosing a Wedding Date

Choosing a date in the off-season can be very helpful. You will find more availability of services and in many cases, you can receive discounts. In some cases, services discount for Fridays and Sundays as well. The order of popularity for months are as follows (most to least popular):

  1. September
  2. June
  3. May
  4. October
  5. August
  6. July
  7. April
  8. November
  9. December
  10. March
  11. February
  12. January

The little details add up quick when planning your wedding. Having at least one person assisting you with the numerous tasks will relieve some of the stress. The members of your wedding party can often be called on to help with the details.

Choose a single hard copy planner to help you organize all the important tasks of your wedding. Make a copy as a back up of all plans. Also, keep all of your receipts in a single organizer or location.

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